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Mitch Thomas

Tribe Softball Director

Phone: 314-974-4602

2020 Tribe Softball Teams

The 2020 Tribe Softball program will include the following teams. 

10u Shelby Femmer

12u Perry Azevedo

14u Jason Koonce

14u Abby Tillotson

16u Derek Saey

16u Mitch Thomas

18u Shelby Femmer 

Tribe Softball

We encourage our athletes to be LEADERS taking charge of situations under pressure... paying the price in sweat, effort and sacrifice... showing the way through good example and consistency.

To be a SPORTSWOMAN showing enthusiasm, spirit and courage all the time... taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve... being humble and gracious both on and off the field... respecting your opponent in both victory and defeat.

To be a COMPETITOR Possessing a deep determination, desire, and will to compete... having pride in yourself and never give up... getting up one more time than you are knocked down... being tougher than your opponent every play.

To be AGGRESSIVE hustling all the time, wanting to be your best... always giving maximum effort.

To be DEDICATED Being well conditioned through proper training and diet... making every practice and working hard every play... studying your handbooks to reduce mental errors... disciplining yourself to follow team rules and guidelines.

To be LOYAL Thinking in terms of "we" instead of "I"... sacrificing for the good of the team... respecting the organization, parents, coaches, teammates and your opponents...



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2020 College Commits

2020 - Rhyen Mills - Jefferson College NJCAA 

2020 - Dani Lindsey - Jefferson College NJCAA

2019 College Signees

Alena Ann Leinauer - Kaskaskia College - NJCAA

Jesse Tomson - MacMurray College - NCAA D3 

Logan Darrow - Fontbonne University - NCAA D3

2018 College Signees

2018 College Signees

Destinee Frost - Lindenwood University at Belleville NAIA 

Mikala Guthrie - Westminster College - NCAA D3

Maidson Malone - Avila University - NAIA

Megan Meyers - Rockhurst University (Soccer) NCAA D2

Afraid of Failure???

Kobe Bryant discusses "FAILURE"

All Young Athletes Must Watch

Row the Boat

Part 1

Helping your Child-Athlete Deal with Failure

Sticking to the Process

18u Tribe Softball


14u Tribe Softball

Lightbody 04'

14u Tribe Softball

Tillotson 05'

16u Tribe Softball

Femmer 02'

16u Tribe Softball

Thomas 03'

12u Tribe Softball


THZ Tribe Teams

Tribe Softball Teams Phone Number Email Address
12u Tribe Azevedo 206-478-5846
14u Tribe Tillotson 636-578-3059
14u Tribe Lightbody (636) 497-5807
16u Tribe Thomas 314-974-4602
16u Tribe Femmer 636-439-9098
18u Tribe Simpson 636-699-9466


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